About Us

What We Do

The Healthy Corner Stores Network supports efforts to increase the availability and sales of healthy, affordable foods through small-scale stores in underserved communities. Because together, we can create better meal alternatives in our communities than just chips and soda.

Anyone interested in food access can be a member.  As a Network, we aim to:


Healthy Corner Store programs are a new approach to food accessibility in underserved communities.  We want to ensure you have the most up to date information and resources on the topic.  We do this by scouring the internet for the latest information, posting resources from news stories to tool kits created by community programs just like yours.  We also create original publications such as issue briefs and tip sheets, and webinars on specific topics provide a deeper understanding of a specific issue.


No two communities are exactly alike.  We hope by posting success stories and examples of other programs, you will be able to shape the right program for your community.


This is the most important part of HCSN–You!  Often  people feel alone when starting or growing new initiatives.  You have questions, but not sure who to ask.  Being a member of the HCSN enables you to have a built-in support system.  Some members have been working on healthy retail for years, others are just starting out.  Chances are if you have a question, someone out there has the answer.  You can search member profiles to find programs that are similar to your communities circumstances. The forums connect people on specific topics.  We also host in-person meetings at national conferences.

We believe by building the capacity of existing assets in our communities, corner stores and other retailers can be a catalyst for change and eventually influence the health of the surrounding neighborhood.

Who We Are

The network includes more than 600 members from all over North American. Search our Member Directory to find out more. The Healthy Corner Stores Network is led by staff at the following organizations:

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a North American organization dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. It has 250 member organizations and supports their work through education, training, networking, and policy advocacy. CFSC is the lead coordinator of the HCSN, which is part of a larger project that also includes a food retail track at the fall 2008 CFSC conference and a report profiling successful food retail stores in low-income areas.
Contact: Kristen Markley, email, (717) 240-1361

ChangeLab Solutions engages advocates and professionals from health and planning fields in built environment decision-making processes throughout California. Connecting partners across disciplines, we train advocates, government agency staff, and others on the relationship between the built environment and public health. We also provide one-on-one technical assistance to help create and implement policies that support healthier communities. Planning for Healthy Places’ work includes helping communities to create general plans and zoning that support access to healthy foods and the use of economic development resources to develop grocery stores and other healthy food retail options in underserved areas, among other health-supporting local planning policies.
Contact: Hannah Burton Laurison, email, (510) 302-3342

The Food Trust was established in 1992 to increase the availability of fresh foods, develop a stable food supply in underserved communities, and improve the connection between urban and agricultural communities. The Food Trusts goals are to provide nutritious and affordable fresh foods to inner-city communities, to educate people about the importance of healthy diets and to build healthy and sustainable rural and urban communities where everyone has access to locally grown, fresh and affordable food. The Food Trust helps to expand the supply of food resources available to low-income communities through advocacy, creating model programs, and undertaking food disparity research studies and disseminating their findings to government officials and policy-makers.
Contact: Brianna Almaguer Sandoval, email, (215) 575-0444

Urbane Development is a community development firm that works with communities to build and strengthen their asset base – businesses, real estate, and people – to catalyze a truly comprehensive and sustainable revitalization process for communities in need. Urbane Development has three core components – Neighborhood-Scale Real Estate Development (Residential, Commercial, and Mixed-Use), Small Business Capacity Building and Technical Assistance, and Economic Development Consulting (in partnership with Reeves Consulting Group, based in Swarthmore, PA). Urbane works in targeted areas within the Metro Philadelphia area for investment in real estate and socially responsible enterprises. Urbane engages public, private, and non-profit sector clients from small-scale technical assistance to program development and project management for food-based enterprises across the supply chain.
Contact: James Johnson-Piett, email, (215) 868-1680

Funding For Our Work

The HCSN is made possible by a generous grant from the J.R. Albert Foundation. For its first two and a half years, the HCSN was funded by the UPS Foundation and substantial in-kind contributions from project partners.