Bodegas Become Frontlines Against Obesity

May 10, 2012 in News, News & Events

New Hampshire Public Radio, May 10, 2012.

This radio piece features Manchester Healthy Corner Stores, a pilot project organized by the Manchester Department of Public Health in  New Hampshire. The project encourages bodegas to sell healthier foods, and to display these options prominently. A professional grocery consultant offered free advice to participating store owners, as part of the project. One of the challenges so far has been to figure out how to convince customers to buy healthier foods when they are surrounded by so many more unhealthy options.

The Healthy Corner Stores project is just one aspect of the public health department’s bigger plan to make Manchester more livable; it is also working to transform the built environment in a way that encourages people to be more active, adding crosswalks and installing traffic calming measures.